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Areas of Expertise

Primary Care

Dr. Johnson adopted the theory of bureaucratic caring (Ray, 1998, 2007, 2010) to transpose traditional office based heath services into nontraditional settings which requires coordination between clinicians working with different business entities to create and sustain a system of care.  

Care Coordination

Coordination of services by primary care providers, specialists, home health agencies, mobile diagnostics companies, as well as community resources is essential to continuity of care for the home bound population. In addition, organizing to provide primary care to people confined to their place of residence requires exchanges of complex and dynamic interactions between client, family, and caregivers (Johnson, 2015). 

Health Policy
A patient centered national health system requires all eligible practitioners be recommended and empaneled by health insurance companies to provide primary and specialty care (Johnson, 2018). Amendment of federal statutes, as well as every states' laws, rules, and policies to name Advanced Practice Registered Nurses as primary and specialty practitioners is essential to enhance structure of a patient centered, cost efficient, sustainable health system within the United States.  


ConsultIdaNP was established in 2006 to provide people confined to their place of residence consistent access to primary care.

Chronic debilitating diseases can make leaving home extremely difficult. The home bound population have usually been diagnosed with two or more conditions that are incurable. When people within this population are not able to go into an office setting for primary care visits, health conditions can deteriorate and lead to frequent hospitalizations.


Direct access to the same primary care provider is essential when working with patients, families, other clinicians, as well as community resources to stabilize chronic health conditions. Consistent access to primary and specialty care practitioners that make house calls improves continuity in care, helps patients and caregivers manage health conditions, in addition  frequency of non-emergent hospitalizations are reduced.

Home based primary care visits are accessible using Telehealth through most smartphones, tablets, laptop or desk computers.

My Approach
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